Tanaka LMXVII TF6000

Tanaka LMXVII TF6000





6kW CO2 Laser cutting machine [LMXVII]

6kW CO2 Laser cutting machine [LMXVII]
High-quality powerful laser capable of high-output and long operation!

Establishing 6kW high output and long continuous operation. Achieving also labor saving, space saving and excellent operability and maintenance performance.

The combination of the new oscillator using SUNLASER GAS (TF2) and the GOS-E(PAT/PEND) function improved the possible cutting thickness to 22 mm. Also, machine motion speed other than cutting has been improved by employing the ping-pong functon that performs torch lifting/lowering simultaneously with torch travel in the X- and Y-directions. Piercing time period has been reduced as a whole owing to unique technologies on machine control and gas control.


Conventional movement            PING-PONG Function


Torch movement comparison

2b.jpgSimple torch head

-Great reduction in maintenance

The cleaning interval is made twice or more (to the TANAKA existing model), by enhancing the dust-proof performance of the optical path. Also, beam axis deviation is made minimum to lighten the work burden in nozzle centering.

-Automating correction function

Correction of height sensor standoff control in scheduled operation and correction of oscillator (once a day) are made automatic, achieving laborsaving.

-Reduction in installation space

Reducing the installation space and power consumption by employing a new chiller, enabling more flexible layout.

Calm body motion

Achieving miniaturization and lightweight, and silent and smooth machine body traveling by employing a new gearbox, and dispensing with oil change and internal adjustment of the gearbox.

-Simplified nozzle surrounding

The torch surrounding has simple configuration by making the shield gas tubes built-in.

-motorized turn mirror

The turn mirror ing the optical path length fixing system is driven by an NC control, achieving procision motion.

-Improved operability

The operation panel can be changed in inclination. Limited number of switches are arranged on the panel, securing excellent operability.

-Reduced running cost

Power consumption and laser gas consumption are reduced by 10% and 50%, respectively compared with conventional ones (TANAKA machine).

Machine specification
Effective cutting width (mm)2,5503,0503,5504,0504,5505,1005,600
Rail span (mm)3,8004,3004,8005,3005,8006,5007,000
Rail length (mm)Extendable by 1,200 mm
Rail size50kg/m rail
Effective cutting length (mm)Effective cutting length + 5,000
Mounting laser oscillatorTF6000 CO2 gas laser oscillator (Rated output: 6kW)
NC systemFANUC Series-31iLB
Z-axis stroke (mm)200
Machine overall length (mm)5,075
Machine overall width (mm)Rail span + 1,081
Machine overall height (mm)1,670
Cutting specification (possible plate thickness)
Mild steel (black skin)32mm
Stainless steel12mm

*The above is in case of cutting our standard materials.

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