Tanaka LMRV TF4000

Tanaka LMRV TF4000









4kW CO2 Laser cutting machine [LMRV]

The high-power laser cutting is more wieldy now.

Full-model change!
The model of mounting 4kW laser oscillator appears! The LMR series is the one pursuing cost performance of laser cutting of “Medium to thick mild steel plates” Highness in cut quality and excellence in economy have collected high reputation in many sites. The LMRV series is introduced in the market in response to needs and support at site as such. While holding down the cost, integration of the 4kW oscillator is achieved. Easiness in use with high quality, high speed, and high efficiency of one-rank upper grade and low cost make laser cutting evolutionally advance.

*Note: The model LMR has been developed under the concept of starting revolution to make laser the main stream.

The combination of the new oscillator using SANLASER GAS (TF2) and the GOS(PAT/PEND) function improved the possible cutting thickness to 22 mm. Also, machine motion speed other than cutting has been improved by employing the ping-pong functon that performs torch lifting/lowering simultaneously with torch travel in the X- and Y-directions. Piercing time period has been reduced as a whole owing to unique technologies on machine control and gas control.


-Space saving up to 37% (vs. TANAKA existing model).

Succeeded in miniaturization of the machine body through unique design.

-Making existing track rail usable.

The machine can be installed with the standard track rail (3,500, 4,000, 4,500, 5,000, 5,500 mm). LMRV25-LMRV35 can use 37kg/m rail.

-You can handle a big size material.

Seven types of effective cutting width from 2,700 to 5,600 mm are available, which provides no limitation to the effective cutting length and enables continuous un-attended operation of more varieties of materials.

-You can make use of un-attended operation.

The LMRV-TF4000 is equipped with the motorized lens focus adjusting device (LRCII) as a standard accessory, which enables focus position change interlocked with NC controller. Further, the GOS function for automatic adjustment of mixture ratio of shield gas is provided as a standard accessory, which enables continuous cutting.

Effective cutting width (mm)2,6003,1003,6004,1004,6005,1005,600
Rail span (mm)3,500
Rail length (mm)Extendable by 1,200 mm
Rail size50kg/m rail (LMRV25~LMRV35 can use 37kg/m rail.)
Effective cutting length (mm)Effective cutting length + 3,000
Mounting laser oscillatorTF4000 CO2 gas laser oscillator (Rated output: 4kW)
NC systemFANUC Series 31i-LB
Z-axis stroke (mm)200
Machine overall length (mm)3,130
Machine overall width (mm)Rail span + 1,030
Machine overall height (mm)2,076
Cutting specification (possible plate thickness)
Mild steel black skin material*122mm
Stainless steel material*210mm(12mm)*3

*1 Material:SS400(TANAKA specification). Shape: Square 70mm×70mm(with corner radius 5mm)
*2 Material:SUS304. Shape: Square 70mm×70mm(with corner radius 5mm)
*3 Figures in parenthesis show cutting specification in separation cutting. Sometimes dross  adheres. Check it with a sample.

Speed specification(mm/min)
Processing feed speed1~236 ipm
Rapid feed speed944 ipm
Manual rapid feed speed472 ipm
Cutting head lifting speed787 ipm
Cutting head approach speed590 ipm
Home return speed944 ipm

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