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  1.  Global standard laser technology

TANAKA FMRII, LMZII, LMRV, LMZV and MACH/WIND are world-class laser cutting machines.

These machines achieve extended operation hours with stable and excellent cutting quality.


  1. A pioneer of the world laser industry

TANAKA started basic research for the practical use of laser in metal processing in 1969. In 1979, Tanaka completed the first laser cutting machine in the industry. Furthermore in 1989, Tanaka introduced the world’s first “Oscillator integrated type laser cutting machine for medium thick plates” into the market. This was a ground-breaking laser cutting machine at that time. Since then, TANAKA has continued building up a steady position in the steel industry as a leading company of laser cutting machines including a total automation system from loading of material, to processing, manufacturing management and delivery. Tanaka will continue developing the laser cutting technology for all of the customer’s requirements.


  1. Built on Years of CO2 Laser Cutting Machine Experience

 TANAKA’s years of experience with laser technology, built the finest CO2 laser cutting machines, LMRV and LMZV series. It is about creating superior cutting quality for both straight and bevel cutting. The machine is versatile with improved beam quality, TANAKA’s latest original cutting torch and spacious horizontal plate staging to ensure the machine is customized for each customer’s expectation.

  1. Advanced Bevel Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

TANAKA’s redesigned bevel laser cutting machine, combines TANAKA’s powerful fiber laser technology with cutting sequences, torch design, gas flow and cooling system. There are also safety cameras inside and behind the machine. The machine is now more advanced and is able to cut thicker and faster with excellent quality.


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