The Difference Between A Tanaka Laser & A Plasma Laser

In its very essence, a laser cutting machine uses light to cut through materials like steel, iron, and other sheet metals. When you use a laser cutting machine, you are controlling the physics of the act of cutting itself. The light that is emitted from the laser cutting machine creates a heat source, and that intense heat is what is creating the cut. Nothing is physically contacting the material, save for a highly-concentrated beam of light.

When talking about a Tanaka Laser and a Plasma Laser, these two machines follow the format of how a laser cutting device operates. However, there are slight differences between the two that create major pros and cons when discussing these machines. At Reger Laser, we like to keep our clients well-informed about our products. In this article, we will outline the pros and cons of a plasma laser vs. a Tanaka laser.

Cutting with Light: Tanaka Laser vs. Plasma Laser

When it comes to how the cut is executed, a Tanaka laser follows the procedure illustrated above. An intense light creates a heat source that is then used to cut through thick materials. No part of the machine is physically contacting what is getting cut, save for the light it is emitting. In contrast to this, a plasma laser works a little differently. This laser cutting machine uses electrodes to create a plasma arc, and this is what creates the intense heat that is used to perform the cut. Over time, these electrodes will wear out and will need to be replaced.

Operating a plasma laser cutting machine is a little tricky. You will need to constantly monitor this device and make adjustments during its procedures, otherwise the quality of the cut will suffer. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a Tanaka laser cutting machine does not have these drawbacks. This device uses light to cut through materials, not electrodes, so there is no consumable use occurring when this machine is in action. Also, the Tanaka laser does not require the in-depth monitoring of a plasma laser, as it will not need the same type of adjustments during the cutting process as the latter.

When performing multiple cuts, which is better?

If a plasma laser does not receive the proper maintenance and adjustments between each cut, you will see a deterioration of quality over multiple cuts. This is because the electrodes that are used to create the cut will naturally wear down over time. The Tanaka laser does not have this issue. Because it is cutting with light, no parts need to get replaced or adjusted between each cut. Not only will you get the same quality of a cut every time no matter how many cuts you perform, but you are also saving time that might have been spent making adjustments and performing maintenance in the event that you were using a plasma laser. Compared to the Tanaka laser, a plasma laser requires a lot of upkeep to function at optimum capacities.

Tanaka Laser vs. Plasma Laser: The Bottom Line

Plasma laser cutting machines are very popular in the industry today because of their affordable cost. The allure of this price is solely what makes this machine preferable over a Tanaka laser, which has much higher average costs than its competitor. However, despite the nice price tag, a plasma laser has the cons of attended operation, cleaning time and costs, and regular replacement part implementation. The money and man hours that are spent on the upkeep of this laser can quickly start to dig into a business’s budget if left unchecked.

The Tanaka laser may have a high price tag, but there are so many benefits to this machine that are simply lacking in its competitor. A Tanaka laser has built-in shuttle tables that are both customizable and flexible. This larger table space allows for both small and large materials to be cut at the same time. A plasma laser simply does not have this flexibility, and is limited by uniform-sized materials with each cutting job.

In addition to flexibility, the Tanaka laser has a bonus of unattended operation, a nonexistent cleaning time and parts replacement, and a consistent, high quality cut over multiple runs. With the only con of this machine being a high price tag, it is a metaphorically small price to pay in light of all of the benefits featured in this laser cutting machine.

Where to find Quality Tanaka Lasers for Your Industry

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